World’s first SMS & TexT Message Lingo Dictionary a Success!

Transl8it! Delivers a sms & text message lingo dictionary (dxNre & glosRE – dictionary & glossary) for Lingo Addicts Canada, December 28, 2010
 A small but successful website called transl8it! located at, built by a community of online chat and text lingo addicts, has delivered a standardized version of this type written, phonetically spoken, modernized version of English in what they call a “dxNre & glosRE” (dictionary & glossary).
With an estimated 100 billion text messages sent since 1999 and more than 32 billion text messages sent in 2005 alone, written English is being modified by users of text enabled applications and communication devices at an alarming rate.

“We wrote the ‘transL8it! dxNrE & glosRE’ to help demystify, as well as standardize online chat and sms text lingo” said Dan Witlon of, “we truly didn’t anticipate this level of success with the book.”

Using its more than 20,000 registered international members, this website had asked its community to deliver standardized definitions as well as “gueS da lingo” and “top msg” phrases to help build the basis of its book – both tracked and voted upon at the website.

“Since the recent release of the book, we have had a renewed interest in our portal with members offering even more definitions and phrases… in some cases we have even had companies approach us to license the idea of transl8it! for websites and games that target this difficult to reach generation” said Witlon.

Samples of this SMS txt message and chat lingo slang include:
CU L8R = See you later
NEtng 2 +? = Anything to add?
Spk 2 U @ da pRT = speak to you at the party
H&K 4 U bab, tak caR = Hugs and kisses for you babe, take care

About transl8it!
The website portal transL8it! ( has been operational since 2002 and has become the largest sms and text message lingo translation website available on the internet. transL8it! is a free online dictionary for SMS lingo, text msg, acronyms and emoticons. The site features partner/license programs, contests & games, and top message lists while allowing visitors to easily add lingo and phrases in a free web-based community environment.