What is TXT, MSG, CHAT, and/or SMS message speak/lingo?
——————————————————————————–Learn text message lingo as a short, easy, and fun way of communicating with your
friends over mobile phones, internet chat groups, and more! Learn the lingo and
use the transL8it! system to keep it short…


      XLnt = excellent
      pls = please
      l8r= later
      😉 = wink
    PCM = please call me

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CUL8R @ 9 kul? Should b a gr8 mvie 2 c! l8r.


History on SMS messagingbuy
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SMS (Short Message Service) is a text message service used by GSM and other
mobile operator/carrier companies. Similar to paging, these messages are sent
in a text form to and from your mobile device and/or in instant messaging systems
like ICQ, MSNmessenger, and more. These short text messages can be constructed
on your computer or a wireless enabled device where limitations drive creativity!

Typically, on mobile devices no more than 140-160 characters per message can
be sent as a result of system limitations. Since the beginning of 2002, carriers
in North America have been upgrading their systems to permit GSM or CDMA messaging
that can be transmitted to and from a cellphone.

SMS is convenient and cost effective way of communicating for a number of
different reasons. When you compare it with the cost of airtime for voice calls
or wireless web access, SMS remains cost effective. Messages remain discreet,
and never offer busy signals!

Because of these advantages, the SMS text message craze has rapidly caught
on with Generation X youth and teens whereby almost 1 billion messages are being
sent each day in Asia and Western Europe.

Use transL8it! to help construct SMS text messages so you can creatively maximize
your impact while staying on top the latest short phrases and text messages.
If you would like more information on the service and adoption in North America
please feel free to contact us via email.

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