The following is the archive of press releases for transL8it!

rEd dis transL8it book & u 2 wiL undRstnd dis msg – 2006.12.28
With an estimated 100 billion text messages sent since 1999 and more than 32 billion text messages sent in 2006 alone, the written English language is being modified by users of modern text enabled applications and communication devices at an alarming rate.


Kids Online Chat Room & SMS Text Lingo Threat – 2006.12.27
ppl NdRstnd dis msg y dnt u?  people understand this message, why don’t you? With the rapid adoption of online chat and sms txt lingo there is a new language that has developed that parents, teachers and law officials are having issue with when keeping up with today’s kids.


Online Chat & SMS Lingo – How to Understand It – 2006.06.06

I I sNt dis msg 2 u wud u NdRstnd it? The best way to understand online chat and SMS lingo is to simply try it.

Understand Online Chat Lingo with Website that Converts Trendy Teen Jargon – 2006.05.25
The transL8it! website takes SMS text messages or chat lingo that start as English and converts them to SMS lingo or visa versa.

World’s first SMS & TXT Message Lingo Dictionary a Success! – 2006.01.20
A small but successful website called transl8it! located at transl8it.

Transl8it! SMS Lingo Portal Offers US Mobile Phone Content – 2004.08.27
The website portal that demystified sms lingo and text message jargon has added ringtones, games, and logos to its website though a partner for mobile entertainment content.

Send a TXT Message to Any Phone in North America with transL8it! – 2003.01.27
Last years successful launch of transL8it! – the website that demystifies SMS and Internet chat message lingo – has now led to a launch of a new feature for registered members that enables them to send SMS text messages to anyone in North America.

Mobile Phone Culture Modifies English with Website for Texting Teens – 2002.06.13
The huge, exponential uptake of text messaging – “texn” – amongst teens in Europe and Asia has resulted in the recent, successful launch a community-driven website for SMS lingo.

SMS lingo clarity boosted with new website for ‘texting’ addicts – 2002.05.25
The transL8it! website allows visitors to take SMS texting messages that start as English and convert them to SMS lingo or visa versa.