How Do You Say “Accounts Payable” In French?

As we delve into the world of French language, we often come across new terminologies that we are unaware of. One such term is “accounts payable,” which has a French translation that many may not be familiar with. In this article, we will explore the correct way of saying “accounts payable” in French.

The French translation of “accounts payable” is “comptes fournisseurs.” This term is commonly used in the French language when referring to the amount of money a company owes to its suppliers for goods or services that have been received but not yet paid for.

How Do You Pronounce The French Word For “Accounts Payable”?

Learning to properly pronounce foreign words can be a daunting task, but it can also be a rewarding experience. If you are looking to expand your language skills, you may be wondering how to say “accounts payable” in French. The French translation for “accounts payable” is “comptes fournisseurs.”

Phonetic Breakdown

Comptes fournisseurs is pronounced as “kohnt foor-nee-sur.”

Here is a phonetic breakdown of each syllable:

Syllable Phonetic Pronunciation
Comptes kohnt
Fournisseurs foor-nee-sur

Tips For Pronunciation

Here are some tips to help you pronounce “comptes fournisseurs” correctly:

  • Start with the first syllable “kohnt” which sounds like “cone” with a “t” at the end.
  • Move on to the second syllable “foor” which sounds like “four” in English.
  • The final syllable “nee-sur” sounds like “nee” with a “sur” at the end. The “sur” sounds like “sir” in English but with a softer “r” sound.
  • Remember to stress the first syllable “kohnt” and pronounce the rest of the syllables with equal emphasis.

Practice saying “comptes fournisseurs” slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable with the pronunciation. With enough practice, you will be able to say “accounts payable” in French with confidence!

Proper Grammatical Use Of The French Word For “Accounts Payable”

When speaking or writing in French, it is crucial to use proper grammar to ensure that your message is clear and effective. This is especially important when using the French word for “accounts payable,” which is “comptes fournisseurs.” In this section, we will discuss the proper grammatical use of this term in French.

Placement Of The French Word For Accounts Payable In Sentences

When using the French word for accounts payable, it is important to place it correctly in a sentence to ensure that the meaning is clear. In French, the adjective usually comes after the noun, so “comptes fournisseurs” would typically come after the noun it is describing. For example, “Les factures des comptes fournisseurs sont payées chaque mois” translates to “The bills for the accounts payable are paid each month.”

Verb Conjugations Or Tenses

Depending on the context of the sentence, verb conjugations or tenses may need to be adjusted to match the use of “comptes fournisseurs.” For example, if you are discussing past due accounts payable, you may need to use the passé composé tense. In this case, “Les comptes fournisseurs en retard ont été payés” translates to “The past due accounts payable have been paid.”

Agreement With Gender And Number

In French, nouns have gender and number, which means that they can be either masculine or feminine, and singular or plural. When using “comptes fournisseurs,” it is important to ensure that any accompanying adjectives or articles match the gender and number of the noun. For example, “Les comptes fournisseurs en retard” uses the masculine plural form of the article “les” and the adjective “en retard” to match the masculine plural noun “comptes fournisseurs.”

Common Exceptions

As with any language, there are some common exceptions to the rules of using “comptes fournisseurs” in French. For example, when referring to accounts payable in a more general sense, you may use the term “dettes fournisseurs” instead. Additionally, some French-speaking countries may have their own variations or slang terms for accounts payable. It is always important to research the specific context in which you will be using the term to ensure accuracy.

Examples Of Phrases Using The French Word For “Accounts Payable”

Accounts payable is a term used in business to refer to the money owed by a company to its suppliers or vendors for goods or services received. In French, the term for accounts payable is “comptes fournisseurs”. Here are some common phrases that include the French word for accounts payable:

1. “Les Comptes Fournisseurs Doivent êTre Payés à Temps.”

This phrase translates to “Accounts payable must be paid on time”. It is a common reminder for businesses to ensure they settle their debts with their suppliers within the agreed payment terms.

2. “La Gestion Des Comptes Fournisseurs Est Essentielle Pour La Santé Financière De L’entreprise.”

This phrase translates to “Managing accounts payable is essential for the financial health of the company”. It emphasizes the importance of keeping track of accounts payable to maintain a healthy cash flow and avoid any financial distress.

3. “Le Montant Des Comptes Fournisseurs Est En Augmentation.”

This phrase translates to “The amount of accounts payable is increasing”. It is a common statement used in financial reports to indicate an increase in the amount of money owed to suppliers by a company over a certain period of time.

Here is an example of a French dialogue that includes the French word for accounts payable:

French English Translation
“Bonjour, je suis le fournisseur de l’entreprise XYZ. Je voudrais savoir si mes comptes fournisseurs ont été payés.” “Hello, I am the supplier for XYZ company. I would like to know if my accounts payable have been paid.”
“Oui, vos comptes ont été payés la semaine dernière. Nous avons effectué le virement bancaire.” “Yes, your accounts have been paid last week. We have made the bank transfer.”

This dialogue is an example of a supplier inquiring about their accounts payable and the company confirming that they have been settled.

More Contextual Uses Of The French Word For “Accounts Payable”

Understanding the contextual uses of the French word for accounts payable can be helpful for those looking to communicate effectively in the language. Here are some varying contexts in which the term is used:

Formal Usage

In formal settings, such as business meetings or legal conversations, the French term for accounts payable is “comptes fournisseurs.” This term is commonly used in professional environments and is the standard way of referring to accounts payable.

Informal Usage

Informally, the French word for accounts payable can be referred to as “factures à payer.” This term is more commonly used in casual conversations or everyday situations, such as when discussing bills or expenses with friends or family.

Other Contexts

Besides formal and informal usage, there are other contexts in which the French word for accounts payable is used. These include slang, idiomatic expressions, or cultural/historical uses.

One example of an idiomatic expression is “payer les pots cassés,” which translates to “to pay for the broken pots.” This expression is used to refer to paying for the consequences of someone else’s actions, and can be used in both formal and informal contexts.

Another example is the use of the term “comptes à payer” in the context of French cuisine. In this context, it refers to the ingredients or supplies needed to prepare a dish, and is commonly used in restaurant kitchens or cooking classes.

Popular Cultural Usage

While there may not be a specific popular cultural usage of the French word for accounts payable, understanding the different contexts in which the term can be used can help individuals better understand and engage with French culture and language.

Regional Variations Of The French Word For “Accounts Payable”

French is a widely spoken language across the world, with a large number of French-speaking countries. As a result, there are regional variations in the language, including the French word for “accounts payable”.

Usage In Different French-speaking Countries

The French language is spoken in many countries across the world, including France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and several African countries. While the language is largely similar in these regions, there are regional variations in vocabulary and usage.

In France, the French word for accounts payable is “comptes fournisseurs”. In Canada, the word used is “comptes créditeurs”. In Belgium, the word is “dettes fournisseurs”, while in Switzerland it is “comptes des créanciers”. In African countries such as Senegal and Ivory Coast, the term used is “factures fournisseurs”.

Regional Pronunciations

While the spelling of the French word for accounts payable may be similar across regions, the pronunciation can vary. For example, in France, the letter “r” is pronounced with a guttural sound, while in Canada, it is pronounced with a more rolled “r”.

Another example of regional pronunciation differences is in the word “fournisseurs”. In France, the “s” at the end of the word is silent, while in Canada, it is pronounced. These regional variations in pronunciation can make it difficult for non-native speakers to understand the language in different contexts.


The French word for accounts payable varies across different French-speaking countries, with regional variations in both usage and pronunciation. Understanding these variations is important for effective communication in French-speaking contexts.

Other Uses Of The French Word For “Accounts Payable” In Speaking & Writing

While “accounts payable” is a common meaning for the French word “comptes fournisseurs,” it can also have other uses depending on the context. Here are some examples:

1. Accounting Terminology

In accounting, “comptes fournisseurs” refers specifically to the money a company owes to its suppliers or vendors. It is a liability account on the balance sheet and represents the outstanding payments that the company needs to make.

2. Business Relationships

Outside of accounting, “comptes fournisseurs” can also refer to the business relationship between a company and its suppliers. For example, a company might say “nous avons de bons comptes fournisseurs” to indicate that they have good relationships with their suppliers and are able to receive favorable terms.

3. Legal Documents

Legal documents such as contracts or agreements may also use “comptes fournisseurs” to refer to payment terms between parties. In this context, it is important to understand the specific meaning intended by the author of the document.

How To Distinguish Between These Uses

One way to distinguish between these different uses of “comptes fournisseurs” is to look at the context in which the term is used. For example, if it is used in the context of accounting or finance, it is most likely referring to the money owed to suppliers. If it is used in the context of business relationships, it may be referring to the quality of those relationships. In legal documents, the specific meaning should be clear from the wording of the document.

Common Words And Phrases Similar To The French Word For “Accounts Payable”

Synonyms And Related Terms

When it comes to accounting, there are several words and phrases that are similar to the French term for accounts payable, which is “comptes fournisseurs.” Some of these include:

  • Comptabilité fournisseurs – supplier accounting
  • Dettes fournisseurs – supplier debts
  • Factures fournisseurs – supplier invoices
  • Créditeurs – creditors

While these terms may not be exact synonyms, they are often used interchangeably in French accounting terminology.

Differences In Usage

It’s important to note that while these terms are similar, they may be used in different contexts or have slightly different meanings. For example, “comptabilité fournisseurs” refers specifically to the accounting process for suppliers, while “dettes fournisseurs” refers to the debts owed to suppliers.

Similarly, “factures fournisseurs” specifically refers to invoices from suppliers, while “créditeurs” refers to any party to whom a debt is owed.


Antonyms for “comptes fournisseurs” include “comptes clients,” which refers to accounts receivable, or the money owed to a company by its customers.

Other antonyms include “comptes de trésorerie,” which refers to cash accounts, or the money a company has on hand, and “comptes de charges,” which refers to expense accounts.

Mistakes To Avoid When Using The French Word For “Accounts Payable”

When learning a new language, it’s common to make mistakes while trying to communicate effectively. As a non-native speaker of French, it’s important to be aware of the common errors made when using the French word for “accounts payable.” By understanding these mistakes, you can avoid them and effectively communicate with French speakers.

Common Mistakes

Here are some common mistakes made when using the French word for “accounts payable”:

1. Using the wrong gender: In French, all nouns have a gender, either masculine or feminine. The word for “accounts payable” is “comptes fournisseurs,” which is masculine. However, some non-native speakers mistakenly use the feminine form “comptes payables.”

2. Mispronouncing the word: The correct pronunciation for “comptes fournisseurs” is “kohmpt foo-nee-sur.” Some non-native speakers may mispronounce the word, which can lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

3. Using the wrong preposition: In French, the preposition “à” is used to indicate the person or company to whom money is owed. Some non-native speakers may mistakenly use the preposition “de” instead, which can change the meaning of the sentence.

Tips To Avoid Mistakes

To avoid making these mistakes when using the French word for “accounts payable,” consider the following tips:

1. Memorize the correct gender: Make sure to memorize that “comptes fournisseurs” is masculine. This will help you avoid using the wrong gender and sounding unprofessional.

2. Practice pronunciation: Practice saying the word correctly to ensure that you are pronouncing it correctly. You can use online resources or language apps to help you practice.

3. Use the correct preposition: Always use the preposition “à” to indicate the person or company to whom money is owed. This will help you avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

By being aware of the common mistakes made when using the French word for “accounts payable” and following the tips provided, you can effectively communicate with French speakers and avoid any misunderstandings.


In this blog post, we have explored the French equivalent of accounts payable, which is “comptes fournisseurs.” We have discussed the importance of learning this term for individuals and businesses that engage in international trade with French-speaking countries. Additionally, we have highlighted some common challenges that learners may face when trying to master the French language, such as gendered nouns and complex verb conjugations.

Encouragement To Practice

Learning a new language can be daunting, but it is a rewarding experience that opens doors to new cultures and opportunities. We encourage readers to practice using the French term for accounts payable in real-life conversations with French speakers. By doing so, learners can improve their fluency and build confidence in their language abilities. Remember, language learning is a lifelong journey, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes and keep practicing!

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