How Do You Say “84” In French?

French is a beautiful and romantic language that is spoken by millions of people around the world. It is a popular language to learn for both personal and professional reasons, whether you are planning a trip to Paris or looking to expand your career opportunities. One of the first things you will learn when studying French is how to count, and this includes learning the numbers from 1 to 100. In this article, we will explore how to say 84 in French, which is a vital part of mastering the language.

So, how do you say 84 in French? The French translation of 84 is “quatre-vingt-quatre.” This translates to “four twenties and four,” which is a unique way of counting in French that can take some time to get used to. However, with practice and repetition, you will soon become comfortable with counting in French and will be able to say 84 and other numbers with ease.

How Do You Pronounce The French Word For “84”?

Learning how to properly pronounce words in a foreign language can be a daunting task, but it is crucial in order to effectively communicate with native speakers. If you’re looking to learn how to say “84” in French, it’s important to understand the phonetic breakdown of the word and utilize some tips for proper pronunciation.

Phonetic Breakdown

The French word for “84” is “quatre-vingt-quatre” which translates to “four twenties and four”. Here is a phonetic breakdown of the word to help with pronunciation:

French Phonetic
quatre kah-tr
vingt vahn
quatre kah-tr

Tips For Pronunciation

Now that we have the phonetic breakdown, let’s go over some tips for proper pronunciation:

  • Practice each syllable separately before putting them together to form the full word.
  • Remember to emphasize the “r” sound in the word “quatre”.
  • Pronounce “vingt” as “vahn” to accurately mimic the French pronunciation.
  • Finally, be sure to pronounce the final “e” in “quatre” and “quatre-vingt” as a soft “uh” sound.

By following these tips and utilizing the phonetic breakdown, you’ll be able to properly pronounce “84” in French with ease.

Proper Grammatical Use Of The French Word For “84”

When learning a new language, it is crucial to understand the proper grammatical use of words to effectively communicate with native speakers. This is especially true when using numbers in French, including the word for “84”. Here are some important grammatical rules to keep in mind when using the French word for 84:

Placement In Sentences

The French word for 84 is “quatre-vingt-quatre”. In French, numbers are typically placed after the noun, unlike in English where they are placed before the noun. For example, “I have 84 books” in French would be “J’ai quatre-vingt-quatre livres”.

Verb Conjugations Or Tenses

When using the French word for 84 with verbs, it is important to conjugate the verb appropriately. For example, “I will have 84 dollars” in French would be “J’aurai quatre-vingt-quatre dollars” where “aurai” is the future tense conjugation of the verb “avoir” (to have).

Agreement With Gender And Number

In French, nouns and adjectives must agree in gender and number with the noun they are modifying. When using the French word for 84 with a noun, it is important to ensure that the noun and any accompanying adjectives agree in gender and number. For example, “I have 84 red balloons” in French would be “J’ai quatre-vingt-quatre ballons rouges” where “ballons” is masculine plural and “rouges” is feminine plural to agree with “ballons”.

Common Exceptions

Like any language, French has some common exceptions to its grammatical rules. One exception when using the French word for 84 is when it is used in the context of telling time. In French, the word for “four” is “quatre” and the word for “twenty” is “vingt”. However, when telling time, the word for “four” changes to “quatorze” (fourteen) and the word for “84” becomes “quatre-vingt-quatre”. For example, “It is 2:30” would be “Il est deux heures et demie” but “It is 2:84” would be “Il est trois heures vingt-quatre” where the “quatre-vingt” is replaced with “vingt” and “quatre” is added to the end.

Examples Of Phrases Using The French Word For “84”

When learning a new language, it’s important to not only learn individual words but also common phrases and expressions that are used in everyday conversation. In French, the word for 84 is “quatre-vingt-quatre.” Here are some examples of phrases that include the French word for 84:

Examples And Usage

  • “J’ai quatre-vingt-quatre ans.” – “I am 84 years old.”
  • “Le numéro de ma maison est quatre-vingt-quatre.” – “My house number is 84.”
  • “Le prix est quatre-vingt-quatre euros.” – “The price is 84 euros.”
  • “Nous avons quatre-vingt-quatre invités.” – “We have 84 guests.”

As you can see, the French word for 84 can be used in a variety of contexts, from talking about age to discussing prices and quantities. Here is some example dialogue that incorporates the French word for 84:

Example Dialogue

French English Translation
“Bonjour, comment puis-je vous aider?” “Hello, how can I help you?”
“Je voudrais acheter quatre-vingt-quatre bouteilles de vin, s’il vous plaît.” “I would like to buy 84 bottles of wine, please.”
“Très bien, cela fera quatre-vingt-quatre euros.” “Very well, that will be 84 euros.”
“Merci beaucoup.” “Thank you very much.”

In this example, the French word for 84 is used to indicate the quantity of wine being purchased. The dialogue also demonstrates how to use polite expressions when making a purchase in French.

More Contextual Uses Of The French Word For “84”

When it comes to understanding the French word for “84,” there are various contexts to consider. Depending on the situation, the word can be used formally or informally, and it may also have slang or idiomatic expressions associated with it. Additionally, there are cultural and historical uses that can provide further insight into the meaning of the word. Here is a closer look at some of these contexts:

Formal Usage

In formal settings, the French word for “84” is typically pronounced as “quatre-vingt-quatre.” This is the standard way of saying the word, and it is used in official documents, academic settings, and other formal situations. When speaking formally, it is important to use the correct pronunciation and to avoid any slang or informal expressions.

Informal Usage

While the standard pronunciation of “quatre-vingt-quatre” is used in formal settings, there are informal ways of saying “84” that are more commonly used in everyday conversation. One common way is to simply say “quatre-vingts-quatre,” dropping the extra “vingt” that is used in the formal pronunciation. Another informal way of saying “84” is to use the slang expression “huitante-quatre,” which is more commonly used in some regions of France.

Other Contexts

In addition to formal and informal usage, there are other contexts where the French word for “84” may be used in different ways. For example, there are idiomatic expressions that use the number 84 to mean something else entirely. One example is the expression “faire 84,” which means to do something quickly or efficiently. There are also cultural and historical references to the number 84, such as the year 1784 or the fact that 84 is the atomic number of polonium.

Popular Cultural Usage

While there may not be a specific cultural reference to the number 84 in France, there are plenty of cultural references to the French language in general. For example, the French language is often associated with culture, fashion, and cuisine, and many people around the world are interested in learning how to speak French. Additionally, there are many French films, books, and other forms of media that have gained popularity around the world, showcasing the beauty and complexity of the French language.

Regional Variations Of The French Word For “84”

French may be a widely spoken language, but it is not homogenous in all French-speaking countries. In fact, there are regional variations in the use of certain French words, including the word for “84”.

Usage Of The French Word For 84 In Different French-speaking Countries

The French language is spoken in many countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and several African countries. While these countries share a common language, they also have their own unique dialects and regional variations. As a result, the French word for “84” may differ depending on the country.

In France, the standard word for “84” is “quatre-vingt-quatre”. However, in Belgium and Switzerland, the word “huitante-quatre” is more commonly used. In fact, the use of “quatre-vingt-quatre” in these countries may be viewed as archaic or old-fashioned.

In some African countries, such as Senegal and Ivory Coast, the word for “84” is “quatre-vingt-quatre”. However, in other African countries like Cameroon and Gabon, the word “quatre-vingts-quatre” is used instead.

Regional Pronunciations

Aside from variations in the actual word used for “84”, there are also differences in how the word is pronounced in different French-speaking countries. For example, in France, “quatre-vingt-quatre” is pronounced as “cat-re-vaN-katr”. In Belgium and Switzerland, “huitante-quatre” is pronounced as “whee-tant-katr”. In African countries, the pronunciation may vary depending on the local dialects and accents.

It is important to note that while these regional variations may exist, it is still possible for French speakers from different countries to understand each other. The differences in vocabulary and pronunciation may add to the richness and diversity of the French language.

Other Uses Of The French Word For “84” In Speaking & Writing

While the French word for “84” is simply quatre-vingt-quatre, it can have various meanings depending on the context it is used in. Understanding the different uses of this word is crucial for proper communication in French.

Uses Of Quatre-vingt-quatre

Here are some common uses of quatre-vingt-quatre in French:

  • As a Number: The most common use of quatre-vingt-quatre is as a number, meaning “84” in English.
  • As a Street Name: In some French cities, there may be a street called Quatre-Vingt-Quatre, named after the number.
  • As a Slang Term: In French slang, quatre-vingt-quatre can refer to the Peugeot 104 car model, which was popular in the 1980s.
  • As a Code Word: During World War II, the French Resistance used quatre-vingt-quatre as a code word to signify the start of an operation.

It is important to distinguish between these uses to avoid confusion or miscommunication.

Common Words And Phrases Similar To The French Word For “84”

Synonyms And Related Terms

When it comes to expressing the number 84 in French, there are several words and phrases that share similar meanings. Some of the most common synonyms and related terms include:

  • Quatre-vingt-quatre
  • Huitante-quatre
  • Huitante et quatre
  • Quatre-vingts-quatre

All of these terms are used to refer to the number 84 in French. While some may be more commonly used in certain regions or contexts, they are generally interchangeable.

Differences In Usage

While the above terms all mean the same thing, there are some differences in how they are used in French. For example, “quatre-vingt-quatre” is the most commonly used term for 84, while “huitante-quatre” is more commonly used in Switzerland and parts of Belgium.

“Huitante et quatre” is a more informal way of expressing 84, and is often used in conversation or casual writing. “Quatre-vingts-quatre” is another way to express 84, but it is less common than the other terms listed above.


While there are no true antonyms for the French word for 84, there are several numbers that are significantly different from 84. These include:

  • Soixante-quatorze (74)
  • Quatre-vingt-cinq (85)
  • Quatre-vingt-six (86)
  • Quatre-vingt-sept (87)

While these numbers may not be opposites of 84, they are significantly different and should not be confused with each other.

Mistakes To Avoid When Using The French Word For “84”

When it comes to learning a new language, one of the biggest challenges is avoiding common mistakes that non-native speakers make. French is no exception, and the word for “84” is a prime example of a word that can cause confusion. In this section, we will introduce some of the most common mistakes made by non-native speakers when using the French word for “84” and provide tips to avoid them.

Common Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes made by non-native speakers when using the French word for “84” is confusing it with the word for “80.” In French, the word for “80” is “quatre-vingts,” which literally translates to “four twenties.” The word for “84” is “quatre-vingt-quatre,” which means “four twenties and four.” This can be confusing for non-native speakers who are not used to counting in increments of twenty.

Another common mistake is mispronouncing the word “quatre-vingt-quatre.” The correct pronunciation is “katruh-vahn-katr,” with the emphasis on the first syllable of each word. Non-native speakers may be tempted to pronounce it as “katruh-vahn-katruh,” which is incorrect.

Tips To Avoid Mistakes

To avoid confusion between the words for “80” and “84,” it is important to practice counting in increments of twenty. This will help you become more familiar with the French counting system and make it easier to distinguish between the two words.

When it comes to pronunciation, it is important to listen carefully to native speakers and try to mimic their accent and intonation. You can also practice with language learning apps or online resources that provide audio recordings of native speakers.


In conclusion, we have learned that the French word for 84 is “quatre-vingt-quatre”, which literally translates to “four-twenty-four”. This is just one example of the unique and fascinating language that is French. By expanding our vocabulary and understanding of different languages, we can broaden our perspectives and connect with people from all over the world.

It is important to practice using new words in real-life conversations, whether it be with a native French speaker or through language exchange programs. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as they are a natural part of the learning process. Take advantage of resources such as language learning apps, books, and classes to continue improving your French skills.

Remember, language is a powerful tool that can bring people together and open doors to new opportunities. So go ahead and start incorporating “quatre-vingt-quatre” into your conversations, and who knows, you might just impress some native French speakers with your newfound knowledge!

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