10 best text messages ever – that you should not have sent

Sending the best text messages ever isn’t always a good thing.  Some people forget what they are sending and why.  As convenient as it may be to send a text, more so one that you may regret in the future, perhaps you should think twice.

After all, if it could happen to Brittney Spears, it could happen to you — right?  Recall her text to then-husband Kevin Federline let him know in 140 characters or less, that he would soon go from K-Fed to Fed-Ex… then came the months of bitter custody battles, drunken jaunts and more (read it all here).

10 best text messages ever … or are they?

  1. Double text — e.g.  “Hello????  Did you get my last text?????”
  2. Naked pic or bad language — (…..oops, cant take that back)
  3. One word response — like “sure” (….why bother?)
  4. The Response To The One Word Response — “sure”
  5. the Breakup text — like really?
  6. The very early middle of the night text — (….nothing is important at 2am)
  7. The Text to your parents — (….why would you?)
  8. The Super Emoticon Text — (….why are you trying to make bart simpson on your phone?)
  9. Text the Ex — (….sometimes you need to stop!)
  10. The Drunk text — (….its bad enough you cannot speak!)